3D4Medical’s- complete anatomy male gross anatomy model is the gold standard in anatomical education. The team has created a model based on anatomical papers, classic textbooks and scan data to provide you with the closest thing to a real human body for accurate study.
Containing most realistic and detailed female anatomical model available. Understand the component parts of the broad ligament, the changes of the uterine tube, the supporting endopelvic fascia, or any concept your teacher throws at you.

View the different stages of the cardiac cycle in action and get a clear picture of how the blood moves through with the real-time beating heart.

understanding the function of each muscle with real-time muscle motion animations.
Don’t just scratch the surface but also learn the parts, landmarks, and OI spots of each bone in the body.

Make the most of your study groups with AR mode. Learn together as someone takes control of the model, selecting, exploding and labeling structures in realtime for the best learning experiences.




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