First time oxygen users will find the FreeStyle lightweight, easy to operate, and aesthetically appealing to carry.

•Under 5 pounds with a small compact frame
•User-replaceable battery pack with up to 7 hours* battery life with 2 batteries on pulse setting 2.
*With 2 batteries.
•Easily wearable with a handle, shoulder strap, or backpack
•FAA approved for use on commercial airlines
•Fully functional on AC or DC power
•Simple, one-touch operation

•UltraSense™ technology provides sensitive breath detection
•Quickly detects and pulses oxygen to promote oxygen delivery in the earliest part of the breath
•Adjusts bolus size based on breath rate
•Lightweight package promotes greater ambulation and quality of life

• 1 – 3 Pulse flow settings
•Up to 7 hours battery life with 2 batteries on pulse setting 2.
•4.9 lbs. with battery.
•Easy to carry with a handle, or wear with a should strap or backpack.
•Fully functional on wall (AC) or motor vehicle (DC) power.




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