Surgical Cut Suit

In a world where Surgeries have become the only solution for so many pathologies and complex cases. It has became more critical and in demand to have surgeons that are very well educated and trained on the “Cut Suit” , the most realistic way to simulate the look, feel, and smell effects of severe traumatic events on a live human casualty while allowing first respondents and physicians to safely perform real procedures – from the point of injury to treatment en route, and transition of care to surgical intervention.


Trainees of Surgery at most surgical residency programs are usually under a lot of pressure to perform quick and efficient treatment to the injured individuals at an incident scene, a life will directly depend on their performance and quick response, to avoid putting the injured individuals in these scenes do not experience more suffering, due to inexperienced Medical staff, the Surgical cut suit comes inline to Suit all training needs, Starting from psychological and emotional pressure, training their psychomotor skills and achieving excellence in doing rescue tasks in a timely manner .


Leader Healthcare in partnership with King AbdulAziz University has conducted a workshop for its surgery-residency program, to give in a taste of a real-life surgical approach, and create the atmosphere of an operational theater. Students testimonials all emphasized the realism and true feel to the surgical-cut suit at an operating theater and are looking forward to learning by practice using the surgical-cut suit. For more information please email us on

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